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domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

It's all about prints

Summer is here and beach days are coming, so what should we wear?
Here there are some ideas of the trends for this summer..
This first three are from ASOS, the brand it's We Are Handsome.
I'm in love with each of them, the problem is that this brand is pretty expensive each swimsuit it's around 200€, and I'm sorry, but I don't spend that amount of money in swimwear.
This one is from HM , what means that it's cheaper.
As you can see, Swimsuits rock this summer, and prints too!
But we'll still be able to wear our bikinis, as you can see here:

The last two are from ZARA, as you can see, It's not only about prints, it's more about pictures!

But if you don't want to buy new bikinis don't worry, neon colours are in trend this summer!

Back to work

I haven't posted anything recently in my blog as decent as it should be, but here I am. I've decided to focus more on my blog as I would like to improve it and make it known by others, what right now it's kind of a dream hahaha.
Here you have some pictures I took the other day with a friend of mine, I hope you'll enjoy them!

Necklece - ZARA SS13
Blouse - BLANCO
Shorts - ZARA FW12
Sandals - Kurt Geiger